Zabeeha Farms is a California State Licensed Custom Slaughter Plant, Now Open For Business

Our Newly Built Facility Practices the Most Humane, Ethical, & Moral Techniques of Slaughter in the Industry

Our Facility is Located in the Heart of the Inland Empire: San Bernardino

We Offer Halal Custom Slaughtering and Processing of Goats, Sheep/Lamb, & Cattle

Purely Halal: Meat prepared in Accordance to the Divine Laws of the Creator

We Aren’t a Backyard Butcher, Zabeeha Farms Employs Two Highly-Skilled & CDFA Licensed Inspectors Who Are Available At All Times to Ensure Quality, Safety, & Regulatory Guidelines Are Followed

Zabeeha Farms Also Offers Professional Cutting and Wrapping of Beef

Our Certified Butcher is Skilled in the “Art of Butchery”, Mastering the Location to Cut & Carve the Various Parts, Such As : Rib-Eye, T-Bone, Porterhouse, Etc.


Halal is an Arabic Word that Means “Permissible”

In the Islamic Context, It Implies that the Meat Was Handled & Processed in Accordance to the Islamic Guidelines of Slaughter

Zabeeha Farms Maintains a Strict Halal Only Policy: Any & All Animals MUST Be Slaughtered in Accordance to Strict Islamic Guidelines By Highly Skilled & Trained Employees, who are known to be Devout and Practicing Muslims. NO EXCEPTIONS!


Our Creed is that of the Quran (The One and Only God’s Final Testament) & Sunnah (Tradition of the Final Prophet Muhammad ﷺ)

As Muslims, We Testify & Bear Witness That None Has the Right to Be Worshiped, Except the One & Only God Allah, and That Muhammad ﷺ is His Final Prophet